General Rules


You have a test paper, answer sheet, and scrap paper.

  1. You may use space on your test paper and additional scrap paper to do work. Your answers must be written on the answer sheet. We will not look at answers written on your test paper.
  2. Each problem has only one answer. If you put more than one answer for a problem, you will be marked wrong. When changing an answer, be sure to erase or cross out completely.
  3. Write legibly. If the graders cannot read your answer, it will be marked incorrect.
  4. Fractions should be written in lowest terms. For example, if the answer is 1/2, then 2/4 will not be accepted although the two fractions are numerically equal.
  5. All other answers should be written in simplest form.
  6. If a unit is indicated in the problem, the answer must be given in that unit. For instance, if the problem asks for the answer in hours, you cannot give your answer in minutes. Furthermore, you don't need to write the unit, as the graders will assume your answer is in the units asked for in the problem.
  7. There is no penalty for guessing.
  8. Ties will be broken based on the number of correct responses to the last ten questions. If a tie remains, then the correct responses to the last five questions will break the tie.
  9. We will announce how much time is remaining often during the test.

Remember: These tests are difficult, and if you answer many of the questions correctly, you will have done an outstanding job. Good Luck!


Duration:   1 hour and 15 minutes
Questions:   40 Numerical Response
    Click here for samples
Participation:   Individual, Grade-Specific Competition
Calculators:    Not allowed